Friday, July 29, 2005

Colfax County Landscape

Unlike the forested hills of Wisconsin, the plains of Nebraska were covered by tall prairie grasses. With the coming of the settlers, the prairie was eventually replaced by crops, especially wheat and corn.

The land surrounding Schuyler in Colfax County is gently undulating (OK, mostly flat) and almost entirely under cultivation. Trees line the Platte river and are clustered around farm buildings.

It must have been a great adjustment for the Kolm and Luneburg families, who moved to Schuyler in the 1870s from Wisconsin. It must have been even more difficult for Nellie (Bernitt) Kolm, who arrived in Schuyler in 1911 as the new bride of Will Kolm. Nellie grew up in Marshfield (Coos Bay), along the rugged Oregon coast.

Highway 15 in Colfax County looking south towards Schuyler (Schuyler is barely visible in the distance).
Highway 15 North of Schuyler

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Highway 15 in Colfax County looking north across the Platte River towards Schuyler.
Platte River South of Schuyler

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(photos copyright 2004 P. Kolm, all rights reserved)

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