Monday, July 18, 2005

Location of Kolm Brothers Furniture Store?

Will Kolm was working as an embalmer for the Kolm Brothers Furniture Store in Schuyler, Nebraska from 1910 to 1912. The location of the store at that time is unclear.

Where was the Kolm Brothers Furniture Store and Undertaking Parlor located?

Kolm Brothers Ad

The above ad, probably dating from 1911 or 1912, indicates that the undertaking parlor was located in the "Sun building [by?] Folda Bank".

According to the "Schuyler Nebraska: Walking Tour of the Downtown Historic Disctrict" (GFWC Schuyler Civic Club), Henry purchased a building at 1123 C Street,in Schuyler, which was formerly the Banking House of Folda, 1915). Where he operated the Kolm Furniture Store with his daughters Anna and Minnie. This building is presently American Legion McLeod Post 47. It should be noted that this description indicates the purchase was in 1924, which was after Henry's death in 1918. It is unclear whether the date or purchasers are incorrect.

The description sounds very similar to the location of the parlor in the above ad, which mentions "Folda Bank". It is possible that Henry had a parlor in or next to this building before he purchased the property.

A 1912 postcard indicated that the "Kolm Brothers" store was adjacent to the Opera House, which was on the corner of 12th and C Streets. Again, this location is C street between 11th and 12th; very close to 1123 C St.

This was not the only location of the Kolm furniture store in Schuyler:
"Schuyler Municipal Building, 1103 B STREET - The "Municipal Building" was acquired by the City of Schuyler in 1992 and was constructed in 1978 by the Security Federal Savings and Loan Assn. of Schuyler. The new building structure replaced three former buildings at the location. The first building originally was the First National Bank. [...] Two adjacent buildings to the north had been occupied by Chase Drug Store, Kolm Furniture Store, Johnson Men's Clothing Store and a tavern. Prior to 1978, Security Federal Savings and Loan Assn. acquired the three various sites, tore the two north buildings down, and removed the second floor of the corner building which after building construction resulted in the building as it is now." (from Schuyler Nebraska: Walking Tour of the Downtown Historic Disctrict, Organized by GFWC Schuyler Civic Club)

It is unclear whether the Kolm Furniture Store was located in this building before or after it was located on C St.

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