Thursday, August 05, 2004

1873 Plat Map of Dane County, Wisconsin: Kolm, Luneburg

Carl Heinrich Christian "Henry" Kolm (1837-1909) emigrated from Mecklenburg-Schwerin in about 1860, settling in Middleton Township in Dane County, Wisconsin, near Madison. There he met and married Maria Dorothea Caroline "Doris" Lüneburg (1842-1924) in 1862. The Kolms remained in Middleton until 1879, when they moved to Schuyler, Nebraska.
The Dane County Historical society has put the county 1873 Plat map on-line. (NOTE: all links are to large images).

Property owners in Middleton Township include:
• "W. Lunenburg" in Section 16 (probably William Lüneburg, Doris' father)
• "H. Luneburg" in Section 26 (probably Doris' brother Henry)
• "F. Kolm" in Section 21 (either Henry Kolm with miswritten first initial or an unknown relative)

Southwest Middleton Township: Sections 16-21 and 28-33.
Southeast Middleton Township: Sections 13-15, 22-27, 34-36

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