Tuesday, December 20, 2005

German Christmas in the Kolm Household

In October 1984, Lee Kolm (born 1911) recorded his memories of growing up in Oregon. This is how he recalled Christmas time:
With German forebearers, I lived in a German Christmas atmosphere. As a boy my Mother, I remember, lighted candles on the Chrismas tree once an evening. A short burning of candles and then candy was taken from its hanging place on the limbs and passed around.

Always plenty of German cookies to eat at Christmas time. I liked a particular cookie that was hard as a rock and it had to be dipped into coffee-milk to soften it for eating. My mother also made at Christmastime a wonderful dessert called carrot pudding. Not a bit of carrot taste and this delicious steaming dessert was served with hot brandy hard sauce. What a treat!

(If anyone has a recipe for "carrot pudding", I'd love to try it)

Have a Merry Christmas!



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